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Ammonite Fossil Necklace
AMMONITE is from the JURASSIC period and was found in
Michailov/Russia. Yes, this is not a mistake it is 4 to 6 MILLION
YEARS OLD! Ammonites had well developed eyes and
tentacles. They are now extinct. The ribs on the shell are
called "suture patterns". The simple design of this necklace
accents the elegant beauty of the pendant. The pendant is
suspended from two oxidized sterling silver chains and
accented with pearl charms. Every link on the chain is carefully
twisted by hand, creating irregular pattern complimenting the
fossil ribs. Secured with a sterling silver hook clasp, the
necklace is 22" long. Unfortunately you can't see the lusted
and the sparkle inside the fossil ribs. It looks amazing if you
see it live!