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Iron Teapot”: thrown on the
wheel and altered, low fire in an
electric kiln.
My teapots are hand built or wheel thrown and altered. My work is inspired by nature and have organic and earthy quality.  
These teapots and mugs and food safe and can be used in a microwave and a dishwasher.
“Valentine's Cups”;
thrown on the wheel,
multi-layered glazing,
high fire in reduction in a
gas kiln.
"Tree House Teapot"
Thrown on the wheel  and heavily
altered, multi-layered glazing, high
fire in reduction in a gas kiln.
Red Budha Teapot
Wheel thrown and altered, high fire in
reduction in a gas kiln. Red coral
hand-carved Buddha decorates the lid.
Bamboo Teapot
Thrown on the wheel & altered, multi-layered
glazing, high fire in reduction in a gas kiln.  
copper  wire decorate the lid.
These funky looking cups will make a beautiful gift. These
full-sized, irregular-shaped hand-built cups with pointy legs look like
they have an attitude. They have  blue - pink glossy finish inside.
The outside surface is satin/glossy: the color changes from light
cream to sandy - light - brown. There is a surprise when you turn the
mugs upside down. . The cups have two different patterns.
High-fired stoneware.
Red Violin Teapot
This art deco style teapot was a and
coils. This teapot  was high fired in reduction
in  a gas kiln. Dimensions: 12"tall x 6" wide.

Custom order
This teapot is shaped as a heart and
designed as a Valentines gift.   It is hand-built
from slabs, has multiple glazes applications
and high fired in electric kiln.
This art deco style geometric teapot reminds you of
evergreen spruce tree. It is a functional tea pot though
you can use it as a beautiful piece of art in your home
decoration. This teapot is hand build from slabs and
coils . After underglaze was  been applied to the dark
clay body,  Sgrafito technique was used to produce
an outline drawing  of the tree.  High fire in oxidation in
electric kiln. It is glazed with led free glaze inside and is
food safe. It is also safe in the dishwasher and  
microwave . Dimensions: 6" tall x 11" wide.
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