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“Heart Flame”:  hand-built;   multi-layered
glazing, raku firing, integrated with red wood.
Raku fired.
"See World Urn”: thrown on the
wheel and altered, multi-layered glazing,
raku firing
Inspired by Nature  Hand Build Decorative Vessels. Non-functional  home decor.
I am fascinated with integrating organic media with clay creating synergy and dynamic movement.
"The Mystery of the Cave”: thrown
on the wheel and altered, multi-layered
glazing, raku firing
Bone JarThis jar is wheel thrown and altered. White
crackle glazing is applied to the vessel. This organic
beautiful jar has an earthy, rustic quality. Raku fired.
Dimensions: 10.5" tall x6"in diameter.
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This bowl is gorgeous. Glance inside this bowl. It reminds you of a volcano crater.
This raku bowl was hand-pinched and then different size holes surrounded by pin
holes were carved out . It was brushed with raku glaze outside which was wiped off
leaving small amount of glaze in the crevices. The inside had a thick raku gaze
application. The bowl is very light in weight. Dimensions: 6" in diameter x 5" tall.  
The bowl is signed.
Tree Mushroom Vessel
This functional and decorative serving vessel reminds you of mushrooms
growing on the trees. This  vessel has two hand-pinched bowls and a vase in
the middle. It is high fired in electric kiln and has multiple glaze application. It is
very light and totally functional. This organic beautiful serving bowl is 7.5" tall x
7.5" wide.
Fall Leaves Wall Tiles This wall piece is handcrafted from slabs. Real leaves were
impressed into clay.  Shino glazes were applied to the leaves and then high fired  in
electric kiln. The wall piece has a small metal hook and could be easily hung on the wall.
Dimensions: 9.5" tall x8"wide.
Weaved Basket Hand-built from
coils. Multi-layered glazing is applied to
achieve depth. Raku fired. Integrated
with red wood. Dimensions: 7" tall
PUSSY WILLOW This bowl is thrown on
the wheel and altered. Fired multiple times in
electric and raku kilns. Naked-raku process
emphasizes organic feel. Natural media
integrated with clay creates dynamics. The bowl
is 8.5" wide without  branches.
 Raku fired.  


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