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#53 Fire Energy Necklace
Glowing with a banked fire of ancient sun this breathtakingly beautiful pendant is
made with genuine Crab Fire Agate. Legend has it among some people who love
Fire Agate, that it possesses a special energy that can be felt when the stone is
worn or held in the hand. Crab Fire Agate will bring steadfastness and everyday
type of courage to stand up to difficulties. It also lifts our emotions. It assist us in
solving problems quickly and pragmatically. The pendant is joined in tranquil with
hand-crafted square semi-precious stone arrangement, and integral part of the
necklace adding a perfect sense to the necklace composition. The two part
pendant with genuine carnelians, citrine and quartz is suspended from off-white
genuine leather cord. Finished with sterling silver elements and sterling hook
clasp. The pendant drops 3.5" from the suede strand. This stunning necklace is
universal for any occasion.
21b Fire Agate Earrings with Pearls
These breathtakingly beautiful earrings are made with genuine Crab Fire
Agate stones and natural rose water pearl sticks. Attached to sterling silver
French wire.