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January Handcrafted Garnet Gemstone Jewelry  - necklaces, earrings, bracelets.
Find an ample variety of
artistic garnet jewelry where the natural beauty of the stones is emphasized by the simple
but elegant design.  This simple and artistic amethyst  jewelry is offered at very affordable prices.
Stone properties.

Garnet is a stone of high refraction and durability that can be found in many pretty colors.  Most common color is a deep
red, although the most valuable and rare is bright green.  The radiant garnet has been worn throughout history by
travelers seeking protection. Believed to represent faith, constancy, and truth, the garnet is favored for its beauty and
symbolism. Garnet is also associated with vitality, courage, passion, love, sensuality and self-confidence.  It has been
known to bring about as much windfall in material wealth as in emotional tranquility. Makes the person knowledgeable
and improves higher education and professional prospects. Alleviates depression and improves imagination. Garnet
resolves all issues pertaining to abandonment and survival and therefore is a stone for making commitments last – use it
to stabilize your relationships.
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#314 Net Earrings
Tiny white water pearls or garnets  dance on an
intricate sterling silver net.  Finished with
sterling French wire closure, 1.75" long. Please
choose the stones.
108 Weaved Garnet Necklace
This hand-crafted necklace is an artistic master
piece! Pure and simple design of this necklace
accents the elegant beauty of the pendant made of
deep wine color garnets grouped together. The
pendant is suspended from 14K gold chain and
finished with garnet charm. Secured with a spring
lobster clasp, the necklace is  22" long.
108a Garnet Passion Target Earrings
The simplicity of these garnet earrings accents the elegant beauty of
form and shape. Deep wine color garnets stacked together create a
balance of uniformity with two coin shaped beautiful red garnets set
in sterling bezel, 2 7/8" long. All metal elements are sterling silver.
#34b Passion Path Earrings
Deep wine color garnets grouped together are
attached to 14 K gold fine chains and paired with
gold beads,  2.5" long.
#98 Heart-On-Fire Necklace
A great gift for Valentine's Day! Tiny vibrant
garnets shed loving heart that pulses with
passion. The necklace is accented with sterling
cubes and finished with a sterling hook clasp.  
The heart is carved of rhodonite stone.
34a Passion Path Necklace
The simplicity of these necklaces accents the elegant beauty of
forms & shapes. Deep wine color garnets grouped together
alternate in a fetching balance of uniformity with 14 K gold fine
chains. Secured with a spring lobster clasp. Size: 25"
58b Tango Pearl and Garnet Earrings
Black pearls are paired with garnets and
decorated with sterling silver beads.
Finished with a French wire closure, 1.4"
#58 Tango Bracelet
The memories of  a passionate tango also inspired
this evocative bracelet with fresh water black Biwa
pearls, buffed with deep burgundy garnets. Accented
with sterling silver toggle clasp. Size: 7.5"
58c Tango Pear uitton Earrings
A coin shaped black Biwa pearl swings  from a bunch
of garnets. Attached to sterling silver French wire
64b Little Heart on the Garnet Necklace
The simplicity of this necklace accents the
beauty of the gemstones. Deep wine color
garnet stacks pulse with love and passion.
The stones alternate with sterling silver
disks. Tiny sterling heart marks the midpoint.
The necklace is 16" long. All metal elements
are sterling silver.
Lace Garnet Earrings
A burst of red color on an intricate silver filigree surface is
really stunning. Sterling silver lace oval hoops are wrapped
with bright red faceted garnet. Attached to a French wire

The garnet hoops are 40 mm x 30 mm ( 1.5" X 1.25"). The
earrings are 50 mm( 2" ) long.