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Kyanite is a mineral that shares the same chemistry but a different crystal structure with
andalusite. The name kyanite is derived from the Greek word kyanos which means 'blue'.
Kyanite is an attractive mineral that has a near sapphire like blue color in some especially
nice specimens but can be found in various shades of blues and greens. It is mainly
mined in Brazil.
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47a Wrapped Kyanite Necklace
Take a look at this contemporary necklace with elegant and minimalist
design.Genuine big Kyanite stone pendant (1.8" long) is wrapped in silver
wire and gold sand stone tiny beads and paired with asymmetric long
charm made of kyanite, gold sand stone and turquoise, which nicely
compliments the pendant. The pendant is suspended from 26" long
sterling silver chain and finished with silver toggle clasp.
47b Wrapped Kyanite Earrings
Take a look at these DRAMATIC and MODERN earrings
Genuine big Kyanite stones are wrapped in tiny gold sand
beads with sterling silver wire. Silvery blue kaynite is nicely
complimented by gold sand beads. Finished with sterling silver
French wire closure. The earrings are 2" long.