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Message from ceramic and jewelry artist Elena Miller
Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Elena Miller obtained a B.S. and M.S.
degree in marketing and economics from the Institute of Commerce. She
has always had a special interest in art, worked as a Marketing Director in the
Museum of History of St. Petersburg (Peter & Paul Fortress) and with many
well known Russian artists. While traveling all over the world she enjoyed
learning about the richness of new cultures and art, meeting new people and
observing their lives. One of the great strengths of art is that it crosses the
border, fuses cultural differences and opens your mind.  My art is truly
international; it is inspired by diverse cultures and beauty of nature; it is the
expression how I see the world.
I acquire craftsmanship and materials from around the world to use in my jewelry designs paying
special attention to beauty, quality and rarity. I use primarily natural materials and colors from
nature such as sterling silver, leather, wood & bone, semi precious stones, and unique hand made
carvings on natural materials. Every jewelry piece is sculpted by hand and has a wonderful sense of
color. It is distinctive and different and has a timeless sense of style.  Elena specialises in custom
designed jewelry. Custom designs take on more value to the wearer that generic jewelry from mass
production outlets.  

In March 2006, Elena enrolled in a hand-building ceramic class in the College of Design,
Architecture, Art and Planning. From the very beginning of that journey she committed herself fully
to this new form of artistic expression. After taking intensive training in hand-building, glazing, and
various firing techniques, Elena finished her Advances ceramic course series in June of 2007. Elena  
became a member of the UCSD Art Studio. She is also a  member of an
Association of Clay and
Glass Artists of California, National Council for Education for the Ceramic Arts, NCECA  
and  Art Institute of San Diego. She participated in San Diego Art Institute Regional Show, a
University of Cincinnati art students exhibit “Contemporary Expressions” and had a solo exhibit in the
College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning .Her work also can be found on:
www.myartspace.com and  www.discoveredartists.com.

Elena’s ceramic work is often hand-built or thrown and altered.  New techniques and forms
continually stimulate Elena’s interest in clay. She is fascinated with shapes and forms and how they
work together with color and texture. She has experimented in the discipline of crystalline glazed
porcelain, raku, sagar, gas firing at reduction atmosphere, as well as firings at various temperatures.

“My strongest inspiration comes from Mother nature and its weathering influences on the shape of
trees, rocks or seedpods, plants and animals both on land and underwater”. Elena’s favorite
technique is Raku with elements of mixed media. “The process of integrating various natural media
with clay, like natural stones, sand and wood to create dynamics has a great appeal to me”, says
Elena. “It is fascinating to take something essentially flat and turn it into organic form with volume
creating a synergy between layered color, texture and movement”.  

I am proud to say that my art became truly International. I sell jewelry and ceramics in France and
Russia, Israel and Australia, United Kingdom and Canada and of course everywhere in US.

I sell my ceramics and jewelry in galleries and retail boutiques. Some of my customers are: "Aja" in
La Jolla, "Wondering Sage", San Diego,  Chicago Symphony Store, Center for the visual Art in
Wisconsin, "One-in-a-million" jewelry boutique, Art Gallery "Funke Fired Arts", Cincinnati. I also sell
retail at art and trunk shows, festivals, special fund raisers and through my website: www.
raindropsboutique.com and ETSY.

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