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Handcrafted Pearl Jewelry-June Birthstone: necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Stone
Pearl is the mother stone; fostering motherly love and protection; increases understanding and love for the
true values in life. Touches the deepest emotions.  Inspires purity, innocence, serenity, tranquility, focuses
and helps us get in touch with the simple honest things of life.  Pearls ensure good health and longevity and
are said to attract fame and wealth, helps abridge differences between quarrelling spouses.
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343b Purple Water Pearls Bubbles Earrings
This new design has been gaining popularity
very quickly. Bright round  purple water pearls
dangle flirtatiously on a hand-forged 14K filled
gold loops reminding you of small bubbles, 2.75"
#148 Champagne Bubbles Necklace
This necklace reminds you a burst of champaign
bubbles. A cluster of tinny natural pearls embraces a
gorgeous big fresh water pearl that shines with peach
luster dangling from intricate sterling chains.  Accented
with a sterling silver toggle clasp, the necklace is 16"
long.  This necklace will be a perfect gift for any
Fresh water pearls  twinkle as they follow
the curve of our exclusive 14K gold filled
hand-forged  loops. Finished with a big
natural pearl  drop, 3" long.
A coin shaped Biwa pearl trio dangles from an
elegant strand made of pink and white pearls, lace
agate and liquid sterling silver. Finished with
sterling lobster clasp. The strand is 16" long. Trio
drops 3".  
#144 Pearl-On-The-Leaf Necklace
Fresh water pearls conspire to recreate the pale pink
hues of a morning dawn.  A beautiful pale pink Biwa
pearl dangles delicately from the hand-made fine
silver leaf marking a midpoint. Fastened with fine
silver toggle clasp and accented with two pearl
charms. Size: 17".
328a Cup of Tea Earrings
Take a look at these fun earrings! They
express a tiny bit of envy at first when they
see you wearing these unique earrings.
African pink opal cup is placed on a vintage
sterling silver saucer; the handle is crafted
from silver - gray fresh water pearls. Finished
with French hook closure, 1.5" long.
#124a Morning Mist Necklace
Gorgeous freshwater pearls and amethysts conspire to
recreate the lavender hues of a morning mist.  An amethyst
cabochon framed in silver dangles delicately from trios of
pearl beads marking a midpoint. Fastened with sterling hook
clasp. The necklace can be adjusted for a tight or loose fit by
a fine sterling chain finished with gems.
This hand-crafted necklace combines a variety of beautiful
fresh water pearls of unique shapes.  Reminiscent of violet
dusk, strands of fresh  water pearls and amethysts drop
form a matching necklace. Attached to a beautiful sterling
silver toggle clasp. Strands are from 2" to 3.5" Size: 18"
#74a Biwa Pearls Leather Twigs Bracelet
This gorgeous and contemporary bracelet was inspired by
nature. White and cream Biwa coin and stick pearls and
sterling silver are strung on three strands of brown leather
cord. The cords are tied in knots reminding you twigs and
branches. The bracelet has a lot of dimension It is attached
to a  sterling silver toggle clasp and accented by silver
sand dollar charm. The size: 7.5".
187aa Full Moon Pearls Earrings
Reminiscent of fool moon, beautiful light pink
natural pearls are suspended from hand-forged
silver rings. Finished with nice French wire closure,,
1.5" long.
#361 Pearl Garden Earrings
Take a look at these romantic pretty earrings! They
remind you of exotic flowers. Green and purple
water pearls adorn gold plated flowers. Finished
with gold plated closure, 1.5 " long.
#252b Pink Cluster Earrings
Pink cluster of pearls dangling on a chain are paired
with large grade A water pearl. These earrings are
exceptional quality and beauty. Attached to sterling
silver clasp. 1 5/8" long.
#174 Black Pearl Earrings
natural  black  pearl teardrops float off hand
-forged sterling loop. Small natural navy blue
water pearls  grouped around the teardrops
make these earrings festive and fun,   2.75"
#174ab Modern Geometric Earrings
Hand-forged sterling silver wire frames
display semi-precious stones. A contemporary
wire-wrapping  design gives a very unique
look to the earrings.  Hand-made French wire
closure, 2" long by 3/4" wide.
195 Raku Necklace
The focal center piece of  the necklace is a colorful
hand-sculptured bead from Silver Precious Metal Clay.
Patina applied to the pendant gives it raku accent. A
necklace strand is made of peacock  color fresh water
pearls interspersed in intervals with faceted garnets.
Finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp. Size: 17".
146 Sea World Bracelets
These organic naturally inspired bracelets
symbolize harmony with nature.  These evocative
bracelets with gorgeous Keishi and Biwa pearls
paired with sterling silver charms could be a great
gift for any occasion.  Finished with sterling toggle