Find an ample variety of minimalist though elegant rings where the natural beauty of the stones is emphasized by the simple but
elegant design. Genuine emerald, royal ruby, opal, yellow quartz, rainbow moonstone, aquamarine, topaz, larimar, bloodstone,
rhodocrosite and other precious and semi precious stones are set in solid sterling silver bezels.   These simple and sophisticated
rings are offered at very affordable prices.



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Australian Opal Sterling Silver Ring
Infused with light from behind, smooth oval shaped genuine high quality
Australian Opal gem show an iridescent play of colors displaying green and
blue, pink and red colors in a crystal base. The stone is set in a sterling silver
bezel with matte polish.
Precious opal is a gorgeous gem that shows flashes of color or iridescence,
depending on the angle of viewing and light; Opal is a hardened silica gel,
therefore it is noncrystalline, unlike most other gemstones. The iridescence of
precious opal is caused by the way the structure, or regular arrangement of
tiny silica spheres, diffracts light. Opals gemstone supposed for further improve
the positive characteristics for people born under the zodiac sign of Taurus .
Stones measures: 10mm x 4mm. Size: 6
Minimalist Emerald Ring
Diamond shaped facets reveal glimpses of each emerald’s unique marbled
matrix. Handcrafted with sterling silver smooth bezel.
Stone size: 9/16"X7/16" . Size: 8
Emerald is the green variety of the mineral beryl and one of the most highly
prized of all the gems. It was historically believed to bestow on its wearer
faithfulness and unchanging love, and was thought to enable the wearer to
forecast events. Emerald is May Birthstone.
Rough Ruby Ring
This artisan crafted beauty is rustic and unique. Raw Ruby is carefully set in a
sterling silver bezel. It is embraced by a wide silver orbit that mimics the shape
of the stone. This fuchsia color ruby is in it's natural state, unpolished and
irregularly shaped. The back of the ring is open.
Since the ruby represents romance and devotion, it is an excellent choice for an
engagement ring.
Stone size: 11 mm x 12 mm. Ring Size: 6.5.
Rubies naturally have symbolized courage and bravery throughout history. The
red stones were used by the ancients as talismans against disaster. A ruby's
intense color was thought to come from an undying flame inside the stone - or,
as some legends would have it, a piece of the planet Mars. Rubies are
associated with passion and love; when you meditate with one, it is beneficial to
your heart and your root chakra.
Ruby - Zoisite Ring
This sterling silver ring is embellished with t a large high quality Ruby Zoisite
gemstone. The natural combination of pink and green hues of this stone makes
jewelry lovers fall for Ruby Zoisite. Handcrafted with solid sterling silver smooth
Head size: 21X14mm. Size 8.
Ruby Zoisite is the natural combination of ruby and zoisite crystals in a single
specimen. Zoisite provides an earthy green color while ruby lends pink and red
highlights. This stone is a beautiful combination of color and of energy. It is
beleived that this gemstone raises sexual activities. Ruby Zoisite jewelry helps
in energizing the entire personality of the wearer as it is well known as an
energy amplification gemstone. If your zodiac sign is Aries, you should not miss
this ring sterling silver ring .