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#174ab Modern Geometric Earrings
Hand-forged sterling silver wire frames
display semi-precious stones. A contemporary
wire-wrapping  design gives a very unique
look to the earrings.  Hand-made French wire
closure, 2" long by 3/4" wide.
195 Raku Necklace
The focal center piece of  the necklace is a colorful hand-sculptured bead
from Silver Precious Metal Clay. Patina applied to the pendant gives it
raku accent. A necklace strand is made of peacock  color fresh water
pearls interspersed in intervals with faceted garnets. Finished with a
sterling silver lobster clasp. Size: 17".
185 Raku Leaf Necklace
This organic nature inspired leaf symbolizes harmony with nature. Silver  
Metal Clay (0.999 fine silver) has been applied in multiple layers to the
natural leaf and then firer in kiln. Natural peridot is embedded in the leaf.
A unique colorful patina applied to the leaf reminds you RAKU ceramics.
The pendant dangles from a sterling silver chain (patina applied to the
chain). Little charms made of natural aventurine and peacock water pearls
float from the strand complimenting the necklace. Accented by copper
toggle clasp.  The leaf is 2.75" long and 1.6" wide.  Size: 20 ".
251c Aurora Borealis Necklace
An earthy rustic pendant is handcrafted from Silver Precious
Metal Clay (0.999 fine silver).  A beautiful raku patina applied
to the pendant.  Vivid colors of the pendant are reminiscent
of Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis.  The pendant is 1 " wide
by 0.75" long. It is attached to oxidized sterling silver chain
and  finished  with sterling silver lobster clasp. Size:21".

251 Poppy Flower Silver Art Clay Ring
This organic nature inspired one-of-a-kind ring represents the
ability of nature to create beautiful forms symbolizing harmony. A
hand-sculptured sculptured flower is set at the edge of the ring
shank. Bright pink sparkling zirconium marks the center of the
flower. The Ring is crafted from solid Silver Metal Clay (0.999 fine
silver). Beautiful special recipe raku patina adds depth and rich
iridescent color to the jewelry. The ring's size: 6.Can easily be
stretched to 6.5.