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To fully understand the Raku Firing Process, one would have to delve into and study  Japanese culture. Raku  is deeply
associated and intertwined with the ancient Japanese tea ceremony. Serving and drinking  tea using  Raku fired bowls is
an age old “happening” that is still performed in some areas of Japan. Tradition, religion, attitude and philosophy of life
are all integral parts of the process.
The Raku Firing Process involves a special kiln, that can be raised and lowered over the pieces to be fired.  Raku glazes  
contain a lot of copper that  gives the fired pieces: green, red, blue and copper shades. The temperature is rather
quickly run up to about 1800-2000 degrees F and then the kiln is raised, revealing red hot pieces standing there. The
piece then placed in a bucket containing combustible materials.  As soon as the red hot piece comes in contact with the
combustible materials, spontaneous combustion occurs.   The lid is put over the can tightly in order to make reduction
atmosphere and  let the flames seek for the oxygen removing  it from the glaze and clay body of the piece. The result is
black clay body and very interesting colors on the piece. Depending on the type of combustible materials, the glaze
composition and the time in the can, no two pieces of Raku will ever be the same.  It 's like Christmas! After the piece  is
removed from the can and sprinkled with water and the colors are then “set”.
Raku ceramics by their creative process and their very nature serve only for decorative purposes and are not intended to
be used for  food or  tea !
"Integration" Thrown on the wheel and altered, multi-layered
glazing, naked-raku process, fired multiple times in electric
and raku kilns; pedestal is hand-built from walnut wood,
altered to fit the bowl. Designed by Elena Miller. Wood
work is done by wood artist Gregg  Straitmatter.
Elena and her teacher
and a friend LisaPaytes
creating magic..
Raku Glaze  Alkaline Blue        
Frit 3110        70
Gerstley Borate        5
Flint (Silica)        10
Soda Ash        10
EPK        5
Copper Carbonate        3
Turquoise where thick
Yellow where very thin
Basic White Crackle        
Gerstley Borate        65
Tennessee Ball Clay        5
Nepheline Syenite        15
Tin Oxide        10
Flint        5
Apply it thick and you will get a nice
Gun Metal        
Gerstley Borate        3 parts
Nepheline Syenite        1 part
Copper Carbonate        3 parts
Red Iron Oxide        3 parts
Rich Oranges
Greens & Purples
Hawaiian Blue
Gerstley Borate        80
Bone Ash        20
Copper Carbonate        10
Cobalt Oxide        5
Tin Oxide        2.6
Matt, Nice Blue to Copper Flashing,
Glossy at higher temperatures.
Naked Raku
Chip n Slip

Fire clay 40
#6 Tile clay 30
Custer feldspar 10
Grog ( 28 mesh)  from 10 to 20

Ferro Fritt 3110  70
Gerstly Borate  30
Apply one coat, consistency like thick
sour cream. Removes easily. Produces
interesting designs.

Glaze mix should be very thin like milk.
One coat application.
My favorite Raku Glazes
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Click on the pictures to see full descriptions and  link to our on-line Ceramic Gallery and Shop
“Celebrating Life”; hand-built from
slabs, multiple glazing; , raku fire.d NOT
"Terra Firma Family”: hand-built;  multi-media, raku firing. Not for Sale
Raku Ceramic  Gallery
This vase is hand-built from coils and heavily
textured.  This organic nature inspired vessel
represents volcanic craters and the ability of nature
to create  beautiful forms symbolizing harmony.  
Multi-layered glazing is applied to create depth and
movement in  this organic form.  Raku fired.  
Dimensions: 7" tall x6.5"in diameter .
This vessel is wheel-thrown and altered . It is
inspired by the rich shapes found deep
under the sea.
multi-layered slips and glazing,  
raku firing. Dimensions: 8.5" in diameter x 3" tall.


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Japanese Kimonos.
These kimonos are hand built from slabs. Multi-layered
reduction-fired glazes were applied to achieve visual depth and
texture allowing light refraction in a unique way. Firing method:
raku. Tall Kimono: 12.5" tall and 10.5" wide Small Kimono: 10"
tall and 9" wide. Kimonos are priced per set.
This bottle is thrown on the wheel. White crackle
glazing and luster paint are applied to the bottle.
Raku fired.  Beautiful deep organic crackles are
contrasted by perfect geometrical lines.
Dimensions: 6.5" tall x5."in diameter.
Night Vibrations Mural is hand built from slabls. The tiles are
embedded with wire screens and paper clay applications to add
volume and dynamic movement to the mural. Raku fired. The mural
is framed in a nice metal frame that compliments the work.  It is
fairly heavy and large.
Peackock Raku Bottle
Peacock feathers were incised and
painted with  under-glaze. White
crackle glaze was applied. Raku
fired.  Dimensions: 8" tall x5"in
This raku heart is gorgeous. I used one of
my favorite glaze recipe that I personally
made . It came out with a wonderful color
range. It illuminates blue and copper glow
with a faint red, purple and gold.  But still,
the photos just don't do the justice! The
heart is hand built. The butterfly comes out
of the heart symbolizing the person with
light and happy nature. The heart hit is
hollow inside, it has a hole in the back
designed to fit a screw or a nail so that you
can hang it on the wall and enjoy! The heart
is 8" by 8 ". It is signed in the back.

Tree Bark Wall Hanging Kimono
This kimonois  hand built from slabs which were impressed on a
handmade tree bark mold. Reduction-fired glaze was wipped off after
application to achieve visual depth and texture allowing to refract light
in a unique way. Size: 6.5" tall and 6.5" wide.  This sculptures will be
a unique gift and a beautiful addition to your home decor.  $45.00