Transformation Eyeglass Holders - Necklaces
Mix and Match! Our handmade glasses holders - necklaces with stone DROPS and silver CHARMS  are a smart
idea! Choose a couple CHARMS, an eyeglass holder ring and design your own necklaces.  Great selection of
natural stone and sterling silver charms will satisfy any taste. Be smart: get many great looks for one price.





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Ceramic Gallery
Coral Buddha
drop w/ring
Turquoise rock
Silver Shell
Amber drop
Long Amethyst
drop w/ring
Jasper Carved
Leaf drop w/ring
Rock  w/ring
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Sponge Coral
Heart w/clasp
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The unique styling and a great variety of DROPS
allows to transform eyeglass holders into a simple
and fun necklaces. The glasses are held by a sterling
silver ring with a pearl that easily clasps to a leather
cord or a sterling silver chain. Add a couple DROPS
and you can create your own new transformation
necklace  for one price!
 ( All pendant are made
gemstones and sterling silver).   
Please, note that
the chain and the leather cord can not be
purchased separately.
Drops Options : Coral Heart,  Silver Jewish Star,  
Silver Sea Shell, Silver Turtle, Silver Lady Bug,
Chinese Symbol Love Coral Buddha, Turquoise Rock,
Pearls Drops, Amber, Amethyst Heart,
Long Drop,  Jasper Carved Leaf, Quartz Rock, Crackle
Ice Quartz, Clear Quartz Rock, Grey Stripe Agate/